Photography Easels

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Universal 4 – Bladed Easel

All metal 4-bladed enlarging easels that features heavy gauge spring steel blades. Precision design rails made from aluminum extrusion ensure accuracy. Masking blades are detachable for individual arrangement. The unique finish makes it easy to compose the image before inserting paper. Also, includes “O” center measuring scale for both axes, free moving blade carriage with securing lock, dual spring-loaded hinge, and unique white viewing strips which aid in cropping and composition.

Available in 11″x14″, 16″x20″, & 20″x24″

Beseler Bladed Photography Easels

Borderless Enlarging Easels

Designed with special “finger lift” notches for removing paper, these easels feature two adjustable paper guides with locking knobs. The non-reflective high tech black epoxy finish is as functional as it is aesthetic.

Beseler Borderless Enlarging Photography Easels